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Dresses – The In Thing of Fashion

Dresses – The In Thing of  Fashion

Surely dresses are the in things in the fashion arena today. Apparels in various sizes, colors and cuts go a long way in enhancing the beauty and the style quotient of a woman. If you are in a mood to highlight your femininity and dazzle the world with your elegance, then help yourself with dresses. Dresses are the hot favorites for celebrities too. Think of the red carpets and instantly our mind flashes the images of free-flowing designer evening gowns, ball room dresses or stylish and sleek body hugging short sexy dresses. Women’s dresses have created a rage in the fashion industry quite early and still firmly hold their esteemed position.

Sophistication Complementing Elegance

Sophistication  Complementing Elegance

The stupendous craze for dresses can be felt in every sphere of life. Be it a garden party or an office gathering, be it a dinner-date with your special someone or just a rocking night out with friends, dresses suit every occasion and mood. Wearing a nice fitting dress can definitely make you look plush, svelte, stylish and dignified. However, when choosing your dress, it should be kept in mind that whatever you are wearing is to add to your glam quotient. Therefore, it is very necessary that a nice dress highlights your body advantages and hides the flaws behind those sexy pleats.
Beautiful dresses complement every event and happening. What type of dress would suit each event is very important to know. Wearing a shimmering sexy red halter at your office party, will surely make you a fashion outcast. So, whenever you choose your dress, keep the occasion in mind and your senses alert. Maintaining the cut, choosing the right shade and selecting the best suited fabric – these are the basics while you opt for a dress. Your body shape, height and weight issues should also be kept in mind when you shop for the perfect dress. Remember, your dress should make you stand out from the crowd with respect to your glamour and style. The right kind of dress can make you look really gorgeous, while not-your-types can make you look really shabby.

Chose the Right One for You

Today’s fashion conscious world offers a wide range of dresses to the modern women. There are a variety of sprawling options with regards to hues, stitches, fabrics and styles. A well-tailored party dress can earn you the spotlight and a stylish casual dress from the road side store can make you the fashion icon among friends. For a more formal occasion, you can also bag a unique one from a designer studio. Among many varieties and type, some of the popular ones are:


  • Formal Dresses: These dresses come in different patterns and styles. If you are heading towards an office party, striking the right balance between looking stylish and looking proficient is very necessary. Simple A Line dresses with a good fit, which come in formal shades like sapphire, peach, grey or navy blue could easily highlight your panache. Black is an all-time favorite in such events.

  • Party Dresses: Cuts and designs of dresses would certainly vary in case of a social party or an award night. There you need to look sexy and chic. Halter evening gowns or short dresses, free-flowing ball gowns and cocktail dresses can lend you the much desired sophistication. Dazzling colors like maroon, mauve, pink, red and green would surely accentuate the glamour and appeal. Party dresses also come in empire cut designs. These empire line dresses suit almost all figure types, including the one with the extra flab. The pleats of these dresses help to hide those extra kilos on your body.

  • Casual Dresses: These dresses offer the most wide ranging varieties and options, be it in terms of designs, fabrics, colors or cuts. Casual dresses can be worn in every day events like going out with your friend, going shopping, going to the theatre or any other day-to-day event. Casual dresses mostly come in fabrics like cotton and lycra. Satin is also gaining much popularity both among the young and the old. Be it a simple knee-length A Line dress, or halter floral printed frock patterned dress, all of them look smart, sexy and stylish. Casual dresses can be comfortable in all seasons and offers numerous varieties to choose from.

Fashion Advantage for the Plus Sized

Fashion Advantage for the  Plus Sized


Unlike other garments, which show off the fat in your body, dresses help a lot in managing the appearance of your body structure. A great variety of plus size dresses are available in the market. So, ladies with those fatty curves may rejoice! The best cut, as suggested by designers all over the world, for the plus sized women are empire waist line dresses. These dresses come in both formal and casual types. They look sexy, chic and help conceal the flaws of your figure. These figure correction dresses are in great demand and has come the rage in town. Shorter women must always go for mini length dresses as it helps in accentuating the height factor.

Shop Sensible

Getting the right suitable dress among the numerous options and varieties, may be a bit confusing. However, this confusion may be avoided if we keep few basic things in mind while shopping – like the occasion, the figure type and height. Designer stores offer enchanting varieties, but they may prick your pocket. You can check out the apparel stores in the shopping malls and if convenience is the main factor, then online shopping forums is a great idea. They offer dresses of all types, sizes and hues. They also come at discounted prices. Cuts and designs which suit you best should be the first criteria while shopping for dresses. Solid colors and even pastel shades are in now. A little bit of sequin work or stone embroidery may give that designer feel to your cocktail dress, but do not go over board with shimmers and sequins as they may look tacky. Last but not the least, your lovely dress should be teemed up with the best pair of shoes and the right accessories will surely add that ‘x’ factor to the way you dress up!


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