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Jewelry—a long and interesting history

Jewelry—a long and  interesting history

Jewelry is forever. We see the use of jewelry at the very beginning of human civilization. The ancient kings, queens, courtiers and even the slaves used to wear jewelry. In old Egyptian civilization we find the dead bodies were mummified with full adornment right up to the jewelry. The excavations show that in all ancient civilizations the people used to decorate themselves with lots of jewelry. In those days, precious metals were used to make jewelry and most of the jewelry was set with precious or semi-precious stones. However, the concept of fashion jewelry came into existence in the 1920s. But, at that time, fashion jewelry was considered fake or duplicate jewelry worn by those who could not afford to buy real jewelry. Now the picture has completely changed. Jewelry and fashion jewelry have almost become synonymous. They are often substituted for each other.


Fashion is incomplete without jewelry

Fashion is incomplete  without jewelry

Jewelry plays a very vital role in the world of fashion. Along with the apparels, fashion designers also design different kinds of jewelry to go with the outfits. Since, the trends in fashion keep on changing very often, the jewelry designers have to think of innovative fashion jewelry every season to keep up with the demands. In olden days, heavy jewelry was worn. Then, the perception changed and it was time to discard heavy cumbersome jewelry and sport sleek and slender jewelry. Now, that theory is gone too. Some old designs have been revived and incorporated in the latest trend setting fashion jewelry. Precious and semi-precious stones are also being used in fashion jewelry. We all see tall graceful models walking down the ramp wearing a pearl of strings or chandelier earrings. The glittering jewelry adds elegance to the designed outfit.


Diamond jewelry

Diamond jewelry

Diamond occupies a special place in the heart of the ladies. The famous silver screen goddess of Hollywood, Elizabeth Taylor, has been given the term “The Diamond Lady”. Her love for diamonds has become a myth. Women save money to possess at least one piece of diamond jewelry. It may be a necklace, a bangle, a wristlet, a pendant or a ring. If a man presents his betrothed with a solitaire diamond engagement ring, then she is sure to show it off to her friends with a proud smile. After all, which girl doesn’t want such a gift from her beloved? Jewelry necklaces, especially diamond necklaces are ideal gifts for memorable occasions like marriage or marriage anniversaries. What better way to celebrate these special occasions other than diamonds?


Jewelry for women

Women’s jewelry is a very talked about topic. Much has been said and written about women’s jewelry. When we say women’s jewelry, we mean a whole lot of ornaments. They are:


    • Crowns (no, not the one that belongs to the Queen of England; we are talking of the crowns worn by some prospective brides on their D-Days)
    • Necklaces
    • Sleek chains worn with or without pendants)
    • Bangles, bracelets, wristlets
    • Armlets
    • Chains worn around waist
    • Anklets
    • Nose pins, nose rings
    • Earrings, studs and so on.

We must mention the jewelry watches. The jewelry watches are those watches set with jewelry. Very big and famous watch companies set the dials of their watches with diamonds. These watches are, of course, very costly and are worn only by the extremely rich people.

The watches are either made of gold or gold-plated so they are also considered a part of fashion jewelry.

Men’s jewelry

Who says women are the only people that wear jewelry? Remember the Egyptian Pharaohs with their unusual headgears, thick gold necklaces, gold wristlets and gold waistbands. If you have not seen the picture of any pharaoh yet, watch Eddie Murphy in the famous Michael Jackson video “Remember the Time” where Eddie Murphy played the role of a Pharaoh. In medieval times also, the kings use to wear a lot of jewelry like necklaces, pendants and sometimes earrings. Then, the concept of man’s jewelry got lost with the passage of time and the emergence of modern era showed men devoid of any jewelry. Men’s jewelry came back in the late 1960s and early 1970s when the hippie culture was practiced. Those men started wearing beaded necklaces and bangles and little by little jewelry was introduced as men’s accessory once again. Now, the guys pierce their earlobes, nose, eyebrows, chin, lips and even tongue to wear studs or pins. You will find many young guys wearing anklets too. They are very much conscious of their looks and often use the jewelry for a complete make-over.


What is wholesale jewelry?

Men’s jewelry

There are many web sites who deal in jewelry. If you visit these sites, you can see their jewelry catalogues. If you place your order online, they will offer these ornaments at discounted prices. That is why, they call these jewelry as wholesale jewelry. You can have a good bargain, if you can buy from them. However, it is necessary to check the credentials before ordering otherwise you can lose your money. Make sure they are delivering the goods they have promised. The jewelry shops also give discounts on jewelry during festive seasons. If you don’t want to do online shopping, you can visit reputed jewelry shops and ask for wholesale jewelry.


Some words of admonition before buying jewelry

When you plan to buy precious jewelry or fashion jewelry of high cost, it is better to take somebody along with you who understands the quality of metals or stones very well. Always want to see the purity mark in case of gold or platinum jewelry. For buying diamond jewelry, ask for credentials of the sellers. Remember that you are spending your hard-earned money on jewelry and so make sure that your money does not go down the drain. Take care, and you will soon be the owner of an elegant-looking piece of jewelry.


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