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Lingerie – the inseparable part of a woman’s fashion requirement

Lingerie – the  inseparable part of a woman’s fashion requirement

Whenever we hear the word ‘lingerie’, our imaginations run wild. Over the ages, lingerie has played an important role in the fashion industry. Not only does it boost the confidence of a woman, it also adds to her oomph factor and even goes a long way in making a man wild with sexual fantasies. Lingerie appeals to both men and women. While it makes a man go weak in the knees, it makes a woman aware of her sensuality. Lingerie is definitely not confined anymore within the limits of undergarments like bras and panties or camisoles. The term lingerie goes much beyond these limits in today’s fashion fiesta. Ranging from sexy nightgowns to free flowing sensuous robes, from transparent tunics to charismatic hot pants and off-shoulder upper wear with see-through chiffon jackets, today’s women have a huge platter of choices spread in front of them.

Look your Best in the Right Lingerie

ook your Best in the  Right Lingerie

Lingerie is an essential element in the wardrobe of any woman, whether young or old. The right kind of lingerie not only accentuates the oomph factor, but also enhances the beauty of a woman. A beautiful garment would only look beautiful if you wear the suitable kind of lingerie under it. Wearing a halter dress with a deep neck line to show off your cleavage would be of no sense if you do not team it up with a pair of push-up or under wired bras. Lingerie is one aspect of clothing which has a feel-good factor on the feminine gender. A woman with loose sagging breasts can look fuller with the right kind of lingerie accessories. With every passing day, this particular aspect of basic clothing is gaining a firmer foothold in the global market of fashion.

Create the Magic of Romance

Create the Magic of  Romance

Lingerie has always been special for the people in love. Before every sexual encounter, a woman makes sure that she is wearing the best for the night. Lingerie has an elemental significance in seducing and mesmerizing the male partner with the peep-in, peep-out games of the skin and the body basic night wear. A sexy set of lingerie can arouse your lover to the point that he cannot resist the charms of the night and then you surely know that your job has already been made easy. Now, any of your sensuous moves will make him go crazy. Good quality lingerie helps in highlighting your curves giving a delicious twist to your special night with your special someone. The fact that men are attracted by incomplete sentences is also true with regards to showing off your body advantages. A skimpily clad woman rather than a woman without any thread of clothing is certain to look more appealing to masculine desires. This is where lingerie steps in and creates the magic of romance.

Go for the Best Ones

With the upcoming trends in the fashion forum, types of lingerie are breaking boundaries. Lingerie designers have become bolder in experimenting not only with colors and fabrics, but also with daring cuts, designs and shapes. New arrivals in lingerie line have become a regular issue in the fashion front. Be it the sexy teddies or the flowing robe gowns in chiffon, more and more women are taking a step forward towards sensuality. Let us check out some of the most happening types:


  • Naughty Lingerie: These have a wide platform of experimentation. This type of lingerie is not limited by any specific cuts or designs. Usually lingerie with sexy and stylish designs is referred to as naughty lingerie. The fabric varies from satin, chiffon to georgette. Hues and motifs differ from style to style. Printed lingerie looks girlish and has a casual flavor to it while single-hued lingerie creates a sensual seductive feel. Colors may be chosen on personal choice and complexion. If you want to go for simple yet sensual lots with an elegance of its own, lilac, pink, light blue and even peach can be great options. If you are concentrating on a special night and want to look your seductive best, red, maroon, white and black are unmatchable!
  • Teddy: No, it is not a name of any soft toy, it’s a fashionable option offered by lingerie designers. It is a one-piece lingerie that provides a combination of knickers and camisole. Teddies are the best for the hassle free ultimate comfort and can be worn under any type of garment. These come in several forms and colors. Leather teddies create a bold statement for the modern woman, while elegant teddies are preferred by those who vote for comfort over style. Elegant teddy is also a hot favorite among middle-aged and elderly women. Not to miss out, the sexy fit of the teddies give your figure the perfect advantage of those succulent curves and will surely titillate the erotic senses of your partner.

Essentials of Shopping

Essentials of Shopping

When you shop for your lingerie, be very confidant of what you can carry off. The right size and the right shape are the two main factors that dominate lingerie shopping. A great variety is available in all lingerie and apparel stores. You can also shop online by choosing from a wide ranging display. Online portals which offer discounts should always be preferred to save those extra bucks! As most stores do not allow taking trial of innerwear, it is advisable to know the accurate size of your assets. A loose or tight fitting bra or panty can not only rob you off your comfort but can also make you look nasty. Team up the right pair of lingerie with the kind of dress you are wearing to get that toned up look.

Women with excess weight need not worry as today’s fashion market is flooded with a variety of plus size lingerie. Such lingerie also has an apparent slimming effect. So, boost up confidence and add worth to your wardrobe with sexy lingerie. Look great in them and do make the most of them by allowing them to add spice to your nights!


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