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Pants-- The perfect apparel for all


We lead very busy lives nowadays; still we spend a fair amount of time and pay an adequate amount of attention to dress properly. However, most of the persons prefer to wear such dresses which they can wear easily and without a fuss. One such fashionable and easy-to-wear dress is a pair of pants. A pair of pants is such apparel that is never out of fashion. All persons belonging to all age groups wear pants. The most popular pants nowadays are jeans because they are the most serviceable pairs. Nevertheless, there are a lot of other kinds of trousers which can be worn with style and comfort. There are men’s pants, women’s pants and pants for kids. Nevertheless, in the fashion world, men’s and women’s pants get more attention.

Perfect pair to add to your glam quotient

Pants or trousers were considered men’s clothing in the medieval times. However, the world of fashion saw a revolutionary change with the beginning of the modern era. Women not only started wearing pants but they also carried themselves with panache. The fashiondesigners started experimenting with both men’s pants and women’s pants. The results were amazing. It was seen that designer or customized pants can add oomph to one’s personality. Now, who would have thought of that? Just imagine walking down the ramp in a pair of tight-fitting leggings. Her shapely legs in the leggings will draw your attention instantly.

Make sure that your pants fit you perfectly and you feel comfortable to move around in your pair; you will certainly attract many a glance.

Select your style

Select your style

Pants are of many varieties and are manufactured from a whole lot of materials. Cotton, polyester, terry cot, denim, corduroy, Lycra and even leather is used to make trousers.

Then there are various styles and cut for you to choose from. You can select from casual pants, formal pants, informal pants, business trousers and so on. You need to have at least one pair from every category of trousers in our wardrobe. There are various cuts and styles in each of the trousers. Browse the net, window-shop and then buy the latest trend. Ladies can go for the women’s pants made from Lycra if they want to be the trend-setters. Lycra leggings are also in vogue now.

Men are not as lucky as women because most of the fashionable trousers are for the fairer sex; however, they need not feel depressed because they are also offered so many varieties that they are spoilt for choice. We would like to add one point here; though the pants are made from so many types of fabrics, cotton pants are still sought after because these pants provide utmost comfort to the wearer.

The standard styles in pants

The styles matter while you shop for the pair that would be a perfect fit. Some of the popular styles that have been preferred by both men and women are:


    • Tabs and Loops: They are required to hold the pants in place. Loops are provided for belts and the loops appear in casual pants and in pants for party wear because most of the guys and gals belonging to the next generation want to show off their studded or designer belts. Tabs are stitched in formal pants.

    • Pants with cuffs: This particular style holds good only for the taller men. Men with very long legs often feel awkward. Men’s pants having this style will break the monotony of the continuous length and thus will make the wearer look a bit short. Men over six feet can sport this style.

    • Pleats: Pleats or no pleats have always been a topic of controversy. Pants with pleats look good on hefty men while they can make a slim man look funny. So, choose pleated pants with care. Then, there are the outward pleats and the inward pleats; they too are a matter of consideration. It is best to give a trial before buying pleated pants. Women’s pants also come with pleats but they are usually formal pants.

Experiment with different lengths


It sometimes becomes necessary to experiment with different cuts so that you can change your style for the better. First of all, you will have to see if the fabric clings comfortably to your legs. Then, care should be taken to see that the length of the trousers crosses the upper sole of you shoe. The pants can have tapered ends or flared ends as per your choice but your ankle should not show. If you are tall and slim then you can try out shorter lengths; a good example is the renowned pop singer Michael Jackson, who used to wear short length pants showing ankles. You should take care that the length of pants does not touch the ground or the hem of your coveted pair will be ruined within a very short time.

Some useful guidelines while buying pants

Some useful guidelines  while buying pants

Buying a pair of pants is the easiest thing in the world. But you need to follow some rules. If you have a slender frame with a slim waistline, do not buy loose fitting pants. Slim fitting pants will look good on you. The pants can also have tapered ends if you prefer that style. Do not go for heavily pleated pants. Pleats are meant to add more room to the trousers. It is better for you to have no pleats on your pair because your slender frame does not require that extra space. Once in a while, you can opt for baggy style pants and that too, for beach wear.
Those who have heavy-built should select such pairs which have more leg room. They should go for the pleated pairs because, as I have mentioned before, they add more room to the pairs. However, multiple pleats look odd and should be avoided at any cost.


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