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Plus Size

What is plus size clothing and which people wear this clothing?

What is plus size clothing and which people  wear this clothing?

Plus size clothing is meant for those people who are very fat and those who are obese. In fact, people having very fat potbellies or excessive heavy hips also require plus size. People who have a heavy or large frame also require plus size clothing.

All of us do not have the model –like figure or perfect figure for that matter. There are many of us who are overweight and have tried all means to reduce that extra fat; these means have yielded no results at all. Our best option to wear fashionable clothes is that we have to buy them in plus size. If the dresses are tailored in a clever way, they can make you appear a bit thin.

Choose plus size clothes cleverly

Choose plus size clothes cleverly

Plus size clothes are for both men and women. It is very important to choose proper plus size clothes. Plus size clothes are a bit expensive than the normal dresses; so select such clothes that meet your requirement. Do not go with the flow and buy something that you will not wear in the near future. If you buy a body-hugging top and find that you are looking very odd in it, then that would be a total wastage of your money. The plus size clothes will give you a sense of comfort and will cleverly conceal the extra flab around your waist and hips.

Women’s plus size clothes

Women are the very lucky ones because they get to choose from a whole wide range of plus size clothes. The range of plus size clothes include:


  • Dresses
  • Trousers
  • Workout clothes
  • Formal clothes
  • Dance clothes for ballet, ballroom dance, belly dance
  • Evening gowns
  • Fashionable blouses
  • Sundress
  • Lounge wear
  • Baby doll tunics
  • Suits
  • Coats
  • Jackets
  • Skirts (like ballerina skirt, sarong)
  • Leotards
  • Pajamas
  • Weekend wear
  • Sweaters
  • T-shirts
  • Casual wears
  • Plus size skirtini (a kind of swimwear)
  • Plus size tankini (it is also a swimwear for the ladies)
  • Maternity clothes in plus size

How to look slim in plus size dresses

As you can see for yourself, the overweight ladies need not worry about their right sized clothes. There are many tricks to make them look a bit slim. Little floral print sundress will make them look slim. T-shirts having v-necks and scoop-necks will also help to shift attention from their heavier body parts. Pants having straight cuts will make them look slender.

Low waistline dresses are ideal for hiding flab. Light shades in plus size dresses look elite. Plus size dresses usually come in pastel shades or very dark shades. You can go for either shades but do not select drab, dull colors. The oversized dresses need not be too shiny or glossy but they should be bling enough to catch the eye. Plus size dress can have a deep neckline and a low waistline. This creates the illusion of slimness.

Swim wears like skirtini and tankini make the wearers look extremely sexy and appealing. They are tailored so cleverly that the fatty areas remain hidden effectively while the bare skin without fat is exposed to the fullest.

Empire line gowns are ideal for obese ladies. The pleated skirt of the gown will conceal tummy fat. While selecting formal wear, the ladies can go for T-shaped dresses that would come down to their knee.

The plus size workout clothes for oversized persons are made from stretchable materials so that the seam does not fall open. Same goes for the plus size maternity dresses. They are roomy and comfortable and are made from natural fibers so that the would-be mothers do not feel squeezed in them. These dresses are made in such a way that the would-be mothers will be able to wear them till the last of their pregnancy period.

The ladies must avoid stripes especially horizontal ones. Stripes will make them appear more round and fatty. Tapering dresses and trousers should be avoided at any cost because this style will make the waistline appear heftier.

Plus size clothes for men

Till now, we have talked only of women. However, there are the oversized men folk who require some guidelines too for buying plus size clothes. They too have their jackets, shirts, trousers, pull-over and other fashion wears. They can check out the various web sites who deal with plus size clothes for men.

There are some sites that stitch custom made clothes for both oversized men and women.

Cost matters

When we talk of buying over sized clothes we become very apprehensive about the cost of these clothes. If we go through the different web sites that sell plus size clothes, we will see that they offer these clothes at very reasonable rates. They often give discounts on them. Browse through these sites and then decide how much you are willing to spend on a particular dress.

Some Myths about plus size clothing

We have heard from our very childhood that those who are fat must wear loose fitting clothes. That is why, we always ask for baggy clothes when we go shopping for our plus size clothes. This idea has been proved totally wrong. Now the fashion designers advise us to wear fitting clothes which would make us look slimmer. Those who have followed this word of advice have really been benefitted. There was a time when plus size dresses were available in dull colors. Now, various colorful plus size dresses are available in the market; these dresses have beautiful floral and chequered prints, and abstract patterns. The oversized ladies should go for these patterns. Colors like black, turquoise, purple, cherry red, wine red, purple, royal blue look good on the heavily built ladies.


Be graceful in what you wear. Do not feel embarrassed to socialize or go to places just because you are fat. Wear your clothes with style and confidence; you will be a winner everywhere.


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