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When you go for shopping your new shirts what do you consider first of all? I bet it should be the fit of the shirt so that you look and feel good in it. Whatever is the design or color but a proper fit is an absolute necessity.


When it comes to buying men’s clothing you have to make choices from limited varieties. Many find shopping for women’s apparel are more fun and easier as there are extensive variety of dresses to choose from. Though men get hardly enough variations while shopping dresses for themselves but to them maintaining the cut and fit of their attire are equally important as they are to any modern and fashionable woman.


Athletic Fit Shirts – Contemporary Dressing Style for Men

Athletic Fit Shirts – Contemporary Dressing Style  for Men

Fashionable men of today pay attention to choosing the best fitted shirts. The classic cut for men’s shirts are in vogue for long. But the young generation seeks a good alternative to this conventional style. Some prefers the athletic fit or the aggressively fitted dresses. The athletic fit for men’s shirts is also popularly known as slim fit. This cut and style are generally suited for slim men. Young men prefer wearing the slim fit or athletic fit shirts to nightclubs, parties and bars. Athletic fit shirt for men has a cosmopolitan appeal and it also reflects the modern sensibilities of today’s men.


Set your Style with Modern Fit Shirts

Set your Style with Modern Fit Shirts

Another fashionable men’s wear is semi fitted or moderate tapered dress shirts. This range of men’s shirts is also referred as modern fit shirts. This cut and style of men’s dress is also accepted as an alternative to the traditional classic fit. This semi fitted shirts are mostly suitable for men of average build. The modern fit shirts can be worn in office or any formal occasion. This type of shirt is also ideal to wear in clubs and restaurants.


Classic Fit Shirts – A Classy Choice

For a more formal look you can try the classic fit shirts. This style suits men with good height. Though the style of wearing classic fit shirts is not very popular these days but its classy and elegant appeal can not be overlooked.


Choose Good Quality and Know your Right Fit

Choose Good Quality and Know your Right Fit

Shirts have been always one of the popular clothing options for men of all ages. Shirts can be worn in both formal and casual occasions. The quality of a shirt does not always dependent on any particular brand. It is better to go for the fit and comfort factor. If you want to dress in best quality shirts, go for the ones that are made from 100 per cent cotton. Some of the shirts also have a blend of cotton and polyester. You can also buy linen shirts which are ideally worn during summer months.


It is not just the cut but the fit of a shirt is equally important. As you shop for your shirts try to get the best fit that suits your body. Generally the ready to wear shirts are designed to suit average body structure. So it is necessary to try them on instead of speculating the fit. As off the rack shirts can not ensure perfect fit, it is important for you to identify your own size. If you are bit confused about your actual size then you can also check with men’s shirt size chart to get the best fitted shirt for yourself.


To know your shirt size, simply use a measuring tape to get accurate measurement of your chest size, sleeve size and neck size. Once you know your body form it will be easier to get the perfect fit. Generally the standardized men’s shirt sizes range from XS to 4 XL. While buying your shirts do not miss to check with the subtle measurements. Even it is also important to consider the size of the collar of a shirt. For ideal fitting check whether there is a space of two fingers left between your neck and collar after you have put on the shirt.


For best fit, it is very important to check how well a shirt fits on your torso. When the shirt is full buttoned, make sure a little breathing room is left. Due to different arm length and body structures it is difficult to assume that a perfectly fitted shirt will have perfectly fitted sleeves. Check whether your shirt sleeves reach your wrist after buttoning it. As you move your hands, the perfectly fitted sleeves will not slip or pull back.


Contemporary Styles

Athletic fit shirts and modern fit shirts are mostly preferred by the fashion conscious men of today. Wearing contrast cuffs is a latest trend. If you are attending a formal occasion you can go for French cuffs. The convertible cuffs which are also known as barrel cuffs can be worn with casual shirts. For a more contemporary look you can pair your cuffs with matching shirt collar.


T-shirts – Casual and Stylish Men’s Wear

T-shirts have always been one of the favorite casual attire for men. This dress assures both style and comfort. The fashionable t-shirts for men are available in different trendy colors and sizes. Choose your perfect size from small, medium or large. Some special brands also offer additional sizes that range from extra small size to extra-extra large sizes. Most men prefer wearing pure cotton t-shirts for genuine comfort. Some of best quality t-shirts are stitched from pre-shrunk cotton.




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